Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Divorce Story

A Divorce Story

The divorce rate is an unbelievable 50% here in America. The problem lies before the marriage begins. People go into a marriage knowing that divorce is an option. People need to change this terrible pattern by not allowing themselves the option of divorce. If you think divorce is a possibility than you are marrying the wrong person. Stop the marriage now before you put yourself, your finances and possibly your children in a divorce tornado.

I had some friend divorce a few years ago. Boy were they in for a surprise when the judge calculated out their income and decided that neither of them were owed and spousal or child support because they both earned approximately the same amount. The judge also split up the custody of the children to as close to 50/50 as he could get.

Both parties wanted full custody and the wife thought that she would get child support from her ex husband. They were both wrong.

Another thing that adults do not consider when they are planning for a divorce is the rights of the children. Now days judges can require that the children be represented by their own attorney. This makes three parties for the divorce. Neither parent knows what motives the children's lawyer has and neither one can do anything about.

Think twice before you think of getting a divorce.

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