Friday, March 13, 2009

Criminal Attorneys Get No Respect

Criminal Attorneys Get No Respect

Criminal attorneys get no respect from their clients or society but without them we would have a completely different world. Without criminal attorneys no one would have confidence in our legal system. If a defendant is not properly defended and given the benefit of innocence, who would be comfortable with our legal system. It would be completely unfair for a defendant to face a trial or court proceeding without proper counsel and representation.

Defendants desperately want a criminal defense attorney, but when their trial is over they are no longer happy. If they received any jail time at all they are not happy even if their brilliant attorney was able to get their sentence reduced. Even if they receive no jail time at all the defendants are not happy at the price they had to pay their defense attorney. Either way the client is not happy.

Luckily for most criminal attorneys, the satisfaction of a job well done and their financial compensation is enough to make up for the lack of respect. And if you see your criminal defense attorney having lunch with a prosecutor, just remember that attorneys on both sides work together every day and it may be in your favor for them to be friends.

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